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Nicole's Life

26 August 1987
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sex is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 7th heaven, 8 mile, 90s, a walk to remember, abs, absolutely fabulous, adam gregory, alcohol, alice cooper, almost famous, andy roddick, asshole, atvs, australia, barbies, bolton, bongs, books, boy meets world, breakfast at tiffany's, btvs, campus crew, candy, cards, chilly beach, coke, cookies, cosmo, counting crows, coyote ugly, cream, csi, csi miami, cuddling, david bowie, dawsons creek, dazed and confused, dodgeball, dope, drugs, e, elton john, erging, everwood, everybody loves raymond, family guy, fitness, flaw, fleetwood mac, foreplay, foxtrot, friends, full house, glamour, gretchen wilson, grind, hamilton, hammyton, hanson, heart, hockey, horror movies, hotels, hugs, icons, inme, jakes mom, jefferson airplane, jet, joss stone, kick boxing, kids next door, kisses, la senza, law and order, led zeppelin, lighters, liz phair, los lonely boys, love, maroon 5, mean girls, michael moore, mighty duck movies, mushrooms, nailpolish, natural born killers, neil young, nick stokes, nirvana, no doubt, partying, passions, pipes, popular, puppies, purses, queen, queens pizza, ram jam, rebecca, regattas, reservoir dogs, rowing, rugrats, rules of attraction, ryan adams, ryan atwood, scott cann, sevan, sex, skateboarding, sleeping, smallville, steriogram, steve, stripping, supertramp, swing dancing, tanning, that 70's show, the butterfly effect, the goonies, the incredibles, the killers, the kinks, the notebook, the oc, the princess bride, the replacements, the ring, the steve miller band, the strokes, the who, toronto blue jays, toronto maple leafs, trailer park boys, trapt, trivia pursuit, u2, underworld, uno, vanillia ice, weed, welcome to the dollhouse, your mom